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Cotton And Linen Casual Dress
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Cotton And Linen Casual Dress


 Large Size Cotton And Linen Casual Dress

Lightweight and...

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 Large Size Cotton And Linen Casual Dress

Lightweight and non-elastic fabric. Loose fit silhouette.



Material: Cotton, Polyester 

Pattern Type: Solid


Sleeve length: Short Sleeve                                                                                                                 

Size Bust Sleeve Length
S 100cm/39.4'' 23cm/9.1'' 101CM/39.8''
M 106cm/41.7'' 24cm/9.5'' 102CM/40.2''
L 112cm/44.1'' 25cm/9.9'' 103CM/40.6''
XL 118cm/46.5'' 26cm/10.3'' 104CM/41.0''
2XL 124cm/48.9'' 27cm/10.7'' 105CM/41.3''
3XL 130cm/51.2'' 28cm/11.1'' 106CM/41.7''
4XL 136cm/53.5'' 29cm/11.4'' 107CM/42.1''
Size:S Bust:100cm/39.4'' Sleeve:23cm/9.1'' Length:101CM/39.8''
Size:M Bust:106cm/41.7'' Sleeve:24cm/9.5'' Length:102CM/40.2''
Size:L Bust:112cm/44.1'' Sleeve:25cm/9.9'' Length:103CM/40.6''
Size:XL Bust:118cm/46.5'' Sleeve:26cm/10.3'' Length:104CM/41.0''
Size:2XL Bust:124cm/48.9'' Sleeve:27cm/10.7'' Length:105CM/41.3''
Size:3XL Bust:130cm/51.2'' Sleeve:28cm/11.1'' Length:106CM/41.7''
Size:4XL Bust:136cm/53.5'' Sleeve:29cm/11.4'' Length:107CM/42.1''




































Sleeve Length x Chest circumference x Waist circumference x Length

  • XS (14.8" x 34.6" x 35" x 25.6")
  • S (15.7" x 35.8" x 35.8" x 26.2")
  • M (16.3" x 37.8" x 37.8" x 27.6")
  • L (17.1" x 39.4" x 39.4" x 28.5")